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Our team provides on-going general counsel legal services to the client to help them anticipate and resolve legal issues arise out of their ordinary course of business. Services include:


  • Corporate governance

  • Shareholder agreement

  • Restrictive stock agreement

  • Stock option plan, agreement and exercise notice

  • Loan and collateral agreement

  • Convertible notes

  • Negotiation, draft, review, and edit of various contracts and agreements between clients and third parties

  • Commercial leases


We represent sellers or buyers in the acquisition and sale of assets or equity. We have such experiences in the medical devices, biotechnology, aviation school, drug development, educational services, food distribution, technology development and servicing, and restaurants. We assist clients negotiate the term sheet, draft and negotiate purchase & sale agreement, conduct due diligence, apply licenses and permits with government agencies if applicable, and close the transaction.

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Inside Business


We represent angel investors, private equity companies, and emerging businesses in equity and debt (convertible notes) transactions in connection with big data, artificial intelligence, genetic sequencing, robotics, educational services, and products, early-stage drug development, and real estate. We have experience forming private equity and angel fund, preparing, filing, and renewal of securities compliance documents with Federal and State government agencies. Our track records allow us to learn and acquire important nuances of transactions particularly to the sector.  Moreover, we are skillful in handling cross-border transactions between China and the U.S.  We represent either the investors or the portfolio companies in advising whether their anticipated business transaction will trigger CFIUS review.


Choosing and maintaining the correct corporate entity for the business can impact the company and the entrepreneurs’ personal liability, finance, taxation treatment, and governance structure.  We can assist  with:

  • Entity selection

  • Formation and chartering 

  • Existing legal entity restructuring

  • Corporate Bylaws 

  • Board of directors and shareholder resolution or meeting minutes

  • Operating agreement

  • Employer identification number application    

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