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General Corporate and Business Transaction

•    Handled the purchase and sale of all equity interests in a daycare business.
•    Represented a robotic design education company to enter into a service/consulting agreement with Harvard University.
•    Advised equity investment of$2 million by four institutional investors into a cryptocurrency facility company.
•    Conducted a due diligence and prepared a legal opinion for a Massachusetts subsidiary of PharmaEssentia Corp, a leading Taiwan based publicly traded biopharmaceutical company's $462.7 million offering of global depositary shares.
•    Advised a biotechnology client on a term sheet for licensing of a chemical compound for over $100 million with multiple milestone and structured royalty payment.
•    Represented a Chinese public company in its acquisition of equity of $2 million in a contract research organization in Massachusetts.
•    Advised a startup client, who has since received multiple series of equity financings, on asset acquisitions and entity dissolution as well as a CFIUS analysis.
•    Represented a biotechnology startup to receive $9 million pre-series A equity investment from a public company on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and a private equity investor from Shanghai.
•    Provided due diligence of multiple US subsidiaries of a pre-IPO company with $36 billion market cap and 28,000 employ­ees globally, for listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
•    Conducted a due diligence review of about two hundred documents of a biotechnology startup receiving series D invest­ment from a consortium of private equity firms from Korea, Hong Kong and China.
•    Represented clients on negotiating and entering into an office lease for an annual rent of$600,000.
•    Formed a series of private equity companies in real estate investment and development, artificial intelligence, robotics, and biopharma.
•    Represented a Chinese agricultural aviation business entering into a joint venture with a flight school in Virginia.
•    Represented a group of Chinese investors to purchase the assets of a medical device company developing a laser diagnosis device for lung cancer.
•    Represented a client on responding to investigations from Department of Labor, Department of Energy, SEC and Massa­chusetts Attorney General's Office.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

•    Presenting a Chinese leading early education group company in a lawsuit in the state court against its former executive who has allegedly misappropriated millions of dollars through sophisticated schemes and stolen the parent company's equity while expanding the U.S. market. ( case is pending)
•    A court in Massachusetts has approved plaintiff client's preliminary injunction request for a lien in the amount of $1.1 million on the defendant's real property, wherein plaintiff shareholder sued defendant for its failure to pay for the equity transferred to defendant. ( case is pending)
•    Representing in the Federal District Court District of Massachusetts a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China against its exclusive distributor and customer in the United States and its shareholders, officers and directors for more than$6,000,000 in damage from uncollected product payment, defendants' breach of fiduciary duty and use of an alter ego of the entity to harm the Plaintiff. ( case is pending)
•    Represented a Chinese industrial component manufacturer against a distributor for a $7 million dollar litigation in Western District of New York, US District Court for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and misappropriation of trade secrets. ( case is pending)
•    Won a unanimous jury verdict in the Federal District Court in Massachusetts for a litigation of multi-million dollars against multiple defendants for eleven ( 11) causes of action, e. g. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act ( CFAA), misappropria­tion of trade secrets, embezzlement of corporate funds, and breach of fiduciary duty.
•    Represented two relief defendants to reach a settlement with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), where clients had in their possession the alleged tainted assets of multi-millions of dollars in cash and real properties.
•    Represented a Chinese investment company in settling a multi-million dollar suit against multiple defendants in a real estate development project involving defendants' breach of contract, fraud, theft of corporate funds, breach fiduciary duty, and unjust enrichment.
•    Represented a client on defending a partnership dispute and misrepresentation in connection with a multi-million dollar commercial real estate development and investment projects. Our representation ultimately resulted in the plaintiff's dismissal of our defendant client in exchange for a negligible amount of settlement.
•    Represented a business defendant to have court deny a preliminary injunction enjoining our client from continuing the operation based on plaintiff's alleged misappropriation of client contact information as trade secrets.
•    Represented an heir of a Chinese citizen who died of cancer in Boston in a motion for relief for a probate proceeding regarding the deceased's substantial estate, and the court granted our motion to dismiss.

Standing Meeting


•    Represented two restaurant workers to negotiate a settlement for tip wages owed in the amount more than the unpaid sum and a full recovery of the workers' attorney's fees


•    Advised a leading pharmaceutical company on relevant laws and procedures related to laying off 2/3 of its workforce of about 55 employees

•    Advised a drug development company to terminate a senior executive key employee with minimum severance payment

•    Represented a biotech company to lay off 15% of its 60 plus employees

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