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Clients' Testimonial

CW’s I-130 petition was finally approved on Jan 10, 2023 by USCIS. We received the news this morning. This case took more than 6 years to reach a happy ending.  I believe this won't happen without the amended court order that you helped us receive. I am writing this letter to express our gratefulness for your help!                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                   — Y. N. Lu

Thank you for your effort in resolving my problem within such a short period of time. It is crucial and urgent for me as a new immigrant to have the bank unfreeze of my bank account. I appreciate your professionalism, diligent contribution and value.                                             

                                                                                                                                                                                   — W. M. Tang

Attorney Connie is a very knowledgeable and sophisticated attorney. When I approached her with my employment issue, she immediately stepped in and provided me with valuable and accurate legal advice. Because of her knowledge and efficiency, my case was resolved in a very short period of time. I will be able to move on to my new job on time. I am so lucky to have attorney Connie with me while I dealt with my issue. She and her team are really trustworthy.

                                                                                                                                                                                     — HN Wang


"Lion's Law is a trustworthy partner for our business all time. The team is very sophisticated and dedicated to playing a role as an in-house counsel to advise and resolve regular and ad hoc legal matters. Their approach is also very friendly to small and medium-sized businesses. Lion's Law attorneys have great work ethics and well equipped with knowledge and know-how for startups as they scaling locally and across the border. " 


"Attorney Dai is a necessary partner for our businesses throughout the past five years. Our company is a venture capital and private equity firm based in Cambridge, MA. We provide seed capital out of our own angel group subsidiary within our firm, and also provide equity to later stage IT (robotics, AI, IoT, new materials, FinTech, etc.) and healthcare companies. Our company is backed by five public pharmaceutical companies and ten public IT and healthcare companies globally. Attorney Dai formed the fund and continued to serve as our corporate counsel attending to corporate and securities compliance needs. Connie is always on top of things, giving sound and timely advice, and is dedicated in playing an essential role in our growth with a high sense of professionalism and confidence. We highly recommend her service."

- Charles H., CEO of EGI Capital

EGI - logo.jpg

Our company has worked with Connie for years. She is professional, efficient, and trustworthy. Connie always provides useful and solid legal advices helping us maintain a collegial relationship with clients and partners mostly in the education industry. Connie’s advice is highly valued by both the management and employees and it is not only of practicability, but also frequently incorporates a strong business sense. She is a very reliable attorney and also a good friend to us. Our experience with Connie has been excellent, and she is definitely our top choice for a client referral. 

- JL Cambridge International

Connie has been working with us since the inception of our first fund back to 2015.  She has been serving as our legal counsel for multiple areas of business including fund compliance, investment due diligence, portfolio communication, employment and other general legal activities.  Connie is a true pro and trustworthy partner with expertise and experiences in the areas of her practice.   


- Pei Qi, Managing Partner, Brain Robotics Capital, LLC 

                                                                   President, AIRX Labs Inc. 

Image by Johan Godínez

"If you are running a small or midsize business and are looking for a business lawyer, you can end your search here. We are a group of Harvard scholars who started a research-based non-profit several years ago. Running a business was new to us, and Lion’s Law has been helping with all of our legal issues since the very beginning. The most helpful business lawyers not only provide help when problems take place but can also provide comprehensive legal advice up front during every step of business development. Lion’s Law is able to do that at a very reasonable cost. Our organization owes a great debt to Lion’s Law for our development. Their lawyers are extremely efficient, effective, and responsible. The most impressive aspect of their service is that they are super responsive: They are always available and can get things done in a very timely manner. We have recommended Lion’s Law to many of our friends and colleagues, and we have never heard anything less about them than total satisfaction." 

- Education Bridge Institute ("EBI")

We are very appreciative to have the support from Attorney Dai's team. They are super responsive and reliable. They hand held us set up the organization from Day 1 and have been our indispensable partner along the way.

- New England Cultural Center

French Bookstore

"Lion's Law is very reliable, dedicated, and upbeat. The team's ability to stay calm and focused during unwavering situations is unparalleled. We have had them as our corporate counsel for a few years. Our business needs are complex and always require immediate attention. They have been able to respond to our needs effectively and timely. They are a competent team with a high skill set and adaptability suit perfectly with a business with ever-changing demand." 

- A food service company

"We are businessmen from overseas and Attorney Dai helped our company win a very sophisticated lawsuit in The Federal District Court, District of Massachusetts that lasted for over 3 years. We sued two business criminals who resided in Massachusetts. We chose Attorney Dai after interviewing several accomplished attorneys in Boston, and that was among the best choices we have ever made. She is very professional and experienced. She guided us through all the elements of more than fifteen (15) causes of actions and provided professional opinions and advice on every important stage. She is specialized in dissembling our unique case into items that can fill in different aspects of law and past cases, which is the key to our success. She is good at listening and very easy to communicate. With great passion and attention to detail, Attorney Dai is an ideal law professional and key asset we have had throughout our case. "

- A company Plaintiff

Energy Efficiency Consultation
Image by Charles Deluvio

"Attorney Dai is very responsible and reliable with high professional quality. She was resourceful in resolving my problem. She kept composure and was calm during my hearing. Working with her was pleasant and smooth, which made me feel at ease."

- A client from the administrative law litigation

Under Connie's sound legal advice, we are able to resolve a dispute arising out of a significant real estate transaction to our satisfaction. This resolution avoids costly litigation. Connie is a highly efficient and effective communicator.  She takes an aggressive yet assertive approach in her negotiating with the opposing party. She has a strong grasp of the law and is sharp and smart.  She identifies the opposing party's weakness earlier on and uses it to our advantage.  She stays focused on our goal through timely follow up and sometimes push back, and adjusts the strategy accordingly when situation changes. She has client's best interest in her heart. The resolution definitely provided us with the most benefits. Whenever a decision is to be made, she always advises on different options analyzing respective benefits and consequences. Her experience has enabled her to recommend course of actions with thorough analysis, upon which we made well informed 
decisions. We are happy with our choice. She is definitely our go to attorney for any dispute resolution or litigation related needs in our life and our business. We highly recommend her service and we are so grateful for all that she's done.  

                                                                                                                                                                   - G Wang, D Liu

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We are very grateful and fortunate to have your law office represent us. Connie is a very professional attorney. She analyzes the situation thoroughly. She communicates clearly and promptly. We cannot thank more for her passionate representation! We saw the fire in her fighting for justice! It is such a relief for us.

                                                                                                                                                                   - L. K., President of a business litigant

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My experience with Lion's Law was excellent. The entire team is so welcoming, professional and are all outstanding advocates. I’m especially grateful for my handling attorney, Yi Ke. Since day one she provided positive, hopeful yet realistic assurances, regarding my case. She took the time to provide options, her professional opinion and guidance as to each step for my commercial lease. Attorney Ke fought for the best interest of the client and to provide the best protection. I cannot speak more highly of this firm and of course, Yi. I’m truly ecstatic about my case results and I highly recommend this firm."

                                                                                                                                - Echo Fencing Boston

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