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For Employers:

  • Wage claim investigation by the Attorney General's Office: We represented a household product distribution company in negotiating and reached a settlement with Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office an investigation on minimum wage and overtime claim.


  • Wage and Hour Claim: We represented a company defending a wage and hour claim by former employees at the Federal District Court District of Massachusetts.


For Employees:

  • Non-solicitation and Non-compete issue: A tutoring service company sued an employee for breach of non-compete and non-solicitation agreement seeking an injunction to prevent the employee from working for its competitors. We successfully defended the employee causing the dismissal of the case.   

  • Wrongful termination: We represented a director of a daycare service to file a wrongful termination based on racial discrimination claim with Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). The case was settled with about half of the director’s annual salary.   


  • Wage & Hour and Misclassification: We represented a plumber for the employer’s failure to pay minimum wage, overtime, and misclassifying him as an independent contractor. We prevailed in the trail and won a significant jury verdict the amount of three times of his annual compensation plus attorney’s fees.  

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