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November 2021

  • We reviewed, negotiated and finalized a clinic trial agreement for a drug development client with a medical center in New Jersey.  ​

  •  We completed a stock acquisition transaction of approximately $3 Million of investment received by a client company operating cryptocurrency mining facilities.​

  • Our office represents a co-defendant to reach a successful settlement with Securities Exchange Commission leading to the dismissal of the client. ​

  • We represent a restaurant negotiating a citation with Attorney General's Office Wage & Hour Division for client's violation of employment law including tip pooling, failure to keep time sheets, provide pay stubs to employees, track sick leave, and obtain school permission to hire minor workers. 

October 2021

  • Our office represented a business defendant who was wrongfully and fraudulently sued by a large corporation for breach of a half million dollar contract it never entered. We demanded plaintiff to dismiss the case by using persuasive legal arguments and leveraging expertise of a document forensic company, which led to plaintiff's voluntary dismissal. 

  • On October 12, 2021, Attorney Connie Dai presented key legal issues in wage, hour, tip and record keeping regulation for restaurants at the event organized by Massachusetts Asian Restaurant Association. 

  • A Federal court judge in Massachusetts ordered a defamation case be dismissed, reasoning the headline of the news article containing "spy" and "wolf in sheep's clothing" is merely author's opinion, thus not actionable. Read Judge Allison Burroughs' opinion and our Article in Chinese.

  • Our office represented New England Chinese American Alliance (NECAA) to apply the 501(c)(4) status and IRS recently made the determination. NECAA's mission is to promote social welfare and further the common good and general welfare of Chinese Americans, including supporting and endorsing political candidates and certain legislation. 

  • We recently resolved a significant real property sale dispute between our buyer client and the seller.

August 2021

  • On August 5, 2021, Attorney Connie Dai delivered a presentation on Legal Considerations for New Companies in Massachusetts as part of the series of seminars hosted by Z Park Boston Innovation Center specializing in providing one stop counseling service to Chinese companies expanding to the U.S. Access presentation material, click HERE. Learn more about Z Park's services, please visit its website.

  • We counseled a China based Pre IPO biotechnology company to incorporate an affiliated entity in the U.S. and negotiated the employment agreement with its President.   

  • Our office represents a fencing coach and his new fencing club in defeating his former employer's motion for preliminary injunction, which attempted to keep fencing coach from operating his new business. Learn details, click HERE.

  • We represent a client to negotiate with seller a full refund of a luxury RV of approximately $140K from the seller, where seller substantially delayed in transferring title causing client to abandon travel plans for Memorial Day as well as the summer vacation.  

July 2021

  • Our office conducted a complete and comprehensive trademark clearance on multiple proposed marks for a new drug developed by a major pharmaceutical research and manufacturer. The search includes knockout search with United States Patent & Trademark Office, common law clearance and industry sources search. 

  • We assisted a bio R&D company client negotiated a successful resolution with the landlord when landlord refused to admit and honor the tenant a verbal agreement to renew the lease. We reasoned with landlord's lawyer a reputable law firm in Massachusetts that the landlord not only granted the renewal but made some space arrangements with client's next door tenant as it promised, upon which client relied and requested written renewal. After two rounds of legal arguments in writing, the landlord backed down and agreed to lease another space in the building to client. 

  • We assisted a technology company client defendant with its litigation counsel in obtaining the court's grant for a Motion to Amend the Answer to the Complaint for copyright infringement, misappropriate of trade secrets, breach of contract, unfair and deceptive business practice, and tortious interference of business contract.

  • Our office consulted and advised a doctor going into a partnership with an established physician practice.   

  • We represented and advised a client with regards to the sale and transfer of an auto repair and dealer shop.

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