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Business, Investment & Transaction

  • Attorney Yi Ke being appointed as the Council Member for the Bar Association of Norfolk County in Massachusetts. It was founded in 1797 and the oldest Bar Association in the Commonwealth. Attorney Ke is the only current Asian American woman lawyer sitting as a member of the governing body for this bar association! For more details, click HERE.

  • Advised on and continue to counsel a biotechnology client negotiating a financing/investment of $25 Million. 

  • Drafted and reviewed multiple CTA (Clinical Trial Agreements) for a drug development client company.

  • Completed due diligence legal opinions for multiple corporations in the U.S., as subsidiaries to companies go public in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market. 

  • Represented a biotechnology startup for a Pre-A investment of $9 Million from SinoMab Biosciences Limited (3681.HK) and Apricot Capital (Shanghai).

  • Advised for a franchisee for a franchise agreement with a franchisor with more than 20 stores in the U.S.   

  • Reinstated a nonprofit organization’s compliance status with Massachusetts Attorney's Office when it has been out of compliance for five years. 

  • Incorporated a 501(c)(4) nonprofit.

  • On September 20, 2022, Attorney Connie Dai spoke as a guest speaker about her experience forming and operating Lion's Law at an Entrepreneurial Legal Class for Suffolk Law School.

  • Our office provided extensive legal research on compliance issues for cross border data transfer for a biotechnology company.

  • Our office is representing an investment company for a stock purchase of $5 million in a leading potash fertilizing company. 

  • We provided research for a client on legal procedures to comply with cannabis storage, analysis, processing, disposition and transportation. 

  • We reached a settlement for an automobile equipment design and manufacturer with its Spanish distribution company on a service contract litigation. 

  • We represented a commercial landlord of industrial space to settle a litigation with a tenant owes significant rent and evicted from the premises. 

  • On September 13, 2022, Attorney Yi Ke and Attorney Yun Cheng notarized a Genesis World Record on Lego works (a sentence made in Legos that composed most words), at Boston Mayor Michele Wu's fundraising event at In House Cafe at Chestnut Hill. To see the picture, click the link

Intellectual Property

  • Drafted an opposition for client responding to a cease & desist letter by a company asserted client’s alleged trademark infringement, resulting in the demand be dropped.

  • Settled a copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriate dispute for an arts business with its independent contractor.

  • Representing defendant an electronic product manufacturer and distributor against Epson for a trademark infringement suit in US District Court, District of Massachusetts.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

  • Represented an heir of a Chinese citizen died of cancer in Boston in a  motion for relief for a probate proceeding regarding the deceased's bank account of approximately $800,000 reasoning Massachusetts court lacks jurisdiction, court granted motion.

  • Prevailed in having court deny a motion for preliminary injunction enjoining client defendant from selling her business while she was accused by plaintiff for failure to repay a loan of over $350,000.

  • Representing the plaintiff, a Chinese industrial component manufacturer against a distributor for a civil litigation in Western District of New York, US District Court for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and misrepresentations for $7 Million.  

  • Represented a relief defendant to reach a settlement with SEC, where defendant has in its possession multi-million dollars assets as damage caused by the primary defendant's alleged violation of securities law.   

  • Advised an employer on its settlement with an employee asserting a claim for employer’s alleged obstruction of employee’s legal right.  

  • Represented multiple employees to settle with their respective employers for claims on unpaid salary, bonus, and overtime wages, for over $150,000. 

  • Represented multiple defendants in settling a claim within three weeks after plaintiff’s filing of complaint, preliminary injunction, and trustee process for over $200,000. 

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