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  • Trade Secrets and Confidential Information:
    We represented a Chinese company and two related Massachusetts companies designed and manufactured highly sophisticated electronic products in a suit against two defendants for their misappropriating companies' trade secrets and confidential information, violation of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (a federal law violation), embezzlement of company money, and breach fiduciary duty as company officers. At trial, the jury awarded a unanimous verdict of $1.1 Million. We continued to represent the client to enforce the judgment successfully collecting approximately $1.6 Million.

  • Breach of Contract and Misrepresentations:
    We represented a client bring a suit against an EB-5 investment broker for breach of contract, securities fraud, and other related claims. The case reached a settlement minutes before the commencement of the trial.

  • Non-compete in a Sale of Business: 
    We represented a buyer to sue a seller of a massage therapy business for breach implied duty not to compete in an asset sale of the business, absent a non-compete provision in the purchase and sale agreement. A settlement was reached prior to the trial of the case.  

  • Partnership Dispute and Misrepresentation:
    We represented a client on defending a partnership dispute and misrepresentation in connection with a multi-millions of dollar commercial real estate development and investment projects. Our representation ultimately resulted in the plaintiff’s dismissal of our defendant client in exchange for a very negligible amount of settlement. 


       A suit was filed by Lion's Law on behalf of a restaurant shareholder seeking unpaid dividend and breach of fiduciary duty by the

       other shareholder. The case reached a satisfactory settlement wherein our client is paid all dividend owed and a buyout of his 

       equity interest to his wish.  ​


  • Misappropriation of Equity Investment, Fraud, and Breach of Contract: 
    We represented a Chinese company seeking damage from its U.S business partners and their counsel for misappropriating equity investment, fraud, breach of contract, misrepresentation, and other related claims in acquiring and developing real properties on the Cape. Our representation has led to a successful settlement with counsel and agreed on judgment with the defendant.

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